Butterfly Release

Butterflies are a symbol.
of the changing colors of life.

Their amazing metamorphosis symbolizes rebirth, at times
consoling us and always inspiring strength, joy and hope.

This morning we gather for our butterfly release. These painted lady butterflies signify strength, joy and hope. Thank you to all who have donated to honor or remember someone special in their lives and assist cancer patients in need.

The month of May traditionally marks the start of a season of remembrance and new beginnings – with Mother’s Day, Memorial Day as well as graduations, weddings and other celebrations filling our calendars.


Make your gift even more memorable by designating
it in honor or in memory of someone special.

Thank You to our Generous Tribute Donors

Cecile Abbott

Babette Aiosa In Honor of Lane Ziegler

Babette Aiosa In Memory of Edward Aiosa

James Albert In Honor of Dr. Frank Rodriguez

Yinet Alvarez In Memory of Pedro Herbello Sanchez


Trista Auger In Memory of My Momma, Teresa

Penny Baird In Memory of My Mother Marie Haynes

Marisa Berk In Memory of Frances Bruh

Ofelia Betancourt In Memory of Dad

Holly Bjerkness In Memory of My Mom

Barbara Bondarchuk In Honor of Dr. Napoleon Santos

Barbara Bondarchuk In Memory of John Soltesz

Amanda Bonnar In Honor of My Mother, Karen Bonnar

Nancy Bowers In Memory of Joann Reed

Alvin Brannick In Memory of Peg Brannick

Alvin Brannick In Honor of Dr. James Reeve

Sandra Brooks

Joseph Bruno

Dawn Camara In Memory of Virginia and Lauren Camara

Danielle Chambers In Memory of Michael J. Dunn Jr.

Colleen Chappell In Honor of Every Woman Fighting Cancer!

Colleen Chappell In Memory of Mala Sequeira

Lynn Clemens In Honor of My Aunts Mary Pat, Cherie and Linda

Patricia Crawford in Memory of Edward Aiosa

Victoria Crawford In Memory of Edward Aiosa

Jennifer Creola In Memory of Samuel Morgani

Elberta Culmone In Memory of Albert Culmone

Amanda Curley In Memory of Robert Johnson

Linda Davis In Memory of Stephen J. Davis

Kelly Dean In Memory of William (Murph) Durkin

Jennifer Devito In Memory of Pamela Behrens

Dr. Michael Diaz in Honor of Mary Eades 

Jeff Donahue In Honor of Lynn Rasys

Michelle Doney In Memory of William Laverne and Michelle Whitney

Jean Doorn In Honor of Mark Serio

Kristina Dunbar In Memory of John and Cecilia Kutschera

Michael Dunlavey In Memory of Desiree Hanzelik 1953-2018

Mary Dunn In Memory of Michael J. Dunn Jr.

Michael and Stacey Dunn In Memory of Michael Dunn, Jr.

Cheryl Dziura-Duke In Memory of Jeannine Richard

Barkley Eckert In Honor of Dr. Ivor Percent, Marilyn Eckert

Mellisa Estrella In Memory of My Beautiful Mother Aracelia “Penny” Mercado

Dr. Adewale Fawole

Sara Fernandez In Memory of Carmen Rodriguez

Bob and Betz Fishbein In Memory of Debby Fishbein and Betty Zelinske

Melodye Flanagan In Memory of James “superjimmy” Flanagan

Linda Freda In Memory of Ben Freda

Diane Freese

Claudia French In Memory of Florence Tave

Dawn Forys

Rebecca Garland In Memory of Ernest Rutledge

Claudia  Graham In Memory of Cory Roberts

Kathryn Griffen In Memory of Jordan Griffen

Angie Harden in memory of Paula Thurmond

Michael Hibnick In Honor of Kristin Albright, Marisa Berk, Andrea Cirabisi, Carley Paganelli

Tiffany Hurd In Honor of My Patients

Kaysha James In Memory of Allean Lewis

Gwendolyn Jessie In Memory of Billie Joyce Jessie

Sabrina Johnson In Honor of FCS Employees

Gary Jones in Memory of Candice Steckler Jones

Joanna Jutte In Memory of Anthony Neubroch

Dr. Kapisthalam Kumar

Robin Kapustein In Memory of Iris Kapustein

Maryalice Keller In Memory of Debbie, Gary & Pa

Sean Kelley

Kellie Kelly In Memory of Katherine Nolen

Sydney Kilgore In Memory of Ray and Robin Albrecht

Dr. Rebecca Kosloff in Memory of Cathy Baranski

Kathleen Kouba In Honor of Staff At Florida Cancer Specialists – Bonita Springs

Kathleen Kouba In Memory of Bob Kouba

Krista & Larry Leach In Memory of Lynda Morrison-Rader

Krista & Larry Leach In Memory of Nick Eades

Krista & Larry Leach In Memory of Patricia Short

Judith Lee In Memory of Ralph Harder

Kathryn Liddell In Memory of James Liddell

Jean Lolli In Honor of Debbie Johnson

Debi Luce

Flossie Luther In Memory of Bryan Luther

Tammy Mahmood In Memory of Sarah J Mahmood

Donna Malizia In Memory of Mary Manzoni

Autumn Maloney In Memory of Susan Prchal

Mary Mann

Dwight and Patricia Martin In Honor of Dr. Elizabeth Guancial

Dwight and Patricia Martin In Memory of Ralph E. Fox, Norma M. Roy, B J Fowler

Betsy McDuffee In Honor of Alice & Michelle Sigmund, Rachel Thorn

Rebecca Miller In Memory of Audrey Haldeman

Rebecca Miller In Honor of Dr. Brown

Kimberly Minta In Memory of Diane Cifelli

Taylor Montgomery In Memory of My Dad, David H. Runyan

Tanya Nelson In Memory of Chico & Shenika

Joyce Nelson In Honor of Our Loving Mother Rosalynda Sanidad

Joyce Nelson In Honor of Our Sister Marnel Nelson

Sue Neumann In Memory of My Mom Barbara Hutchings

Dean and Linda Nickerson In Honor of Dr. William Harwin and Staff

Tina Norman In Honor of Louise Gallagher

Samantha Nunes In Memory of Michael Nunes

Mildred Ortega In Memory of Joel David Mulero

Carley Paganelli In Memory of Cathy Paganelli

Toni Pelati In Memory of Ann Giordano

Stephanie Perkins In Memory of Diane Cifelli

Cory & Maria Person In Memory of Neal Hamlett

Lydia Piscitelli

Patrick Polito In Memory of Carmine Polito

Lynn Rasys In Memory of My Loving Mother, Laurette Dziura

Lynn Rasys In Memory of Lillian Rasys

Ellen Richter In Honor of Dr. Jose Alemar

Lisa Robba In Memory of My Beautiful Aunt Avis Ellis

Lisa Robba In Memory of My Dad James Robba Who Taught Me How To Be Strong

Lisa Robba In Memory of My Grandmother, Pearl Smyth

Lisa Robba In Memory of My Nonni, Eva Robba

Lisa Robba In Memory of My Nonno, Joseph Robba

Michelle Robey In Memory of My Parents, Lois & Ken Morlan

Anna Rudge In Honor of My Daughter Louise Williams – Survivor

Meryl Samii In Memory of Elaine & Leonard Klingsberg

Andrew Seaman In Memory of Barbara Urstadt

Leslie Selph In Memory of Katherine Margaret

Sandra Shahinian In Memory of Laurie Shahinian

John Shwiner In Memory of John Shwiner

Jennifer Sobieski In Memory of Julia Greco

John Sodeika In Honor of The Wonderful Staff Of FCS Bonita and Sarasota

Linda Spieth In Memory of Jerry Spieth

Jennifer Springer in memory of her dad, Neil Hoeglund

Bonnie Starr In Memory of David Berolzheimer

Alyce Stewart In Memory of Patricia “PJ” Lemle Travis

Alyce Stewart In Memory of Jean Walsh Snell

Dr. Raul Storey

Christine Sutton In Memory of Albin and Harry

Jody Twombly In Memory of Kristen Twombly

Robin Tyler In Memory of Yvette Irvine

Magali Van den Bergh In Honor of All My Patients Fighting Cancer

Marilyn Vitek In Memory of Richard K Vitek

Marilyn Vitek In Honor of Dr. William Grow

Josephine Voigt In Memory of Jon Hellers

Susan Weeks In Memory of Alexander Weeks

Michael Wolf In Memory of Kristin Wolf